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Kakileema Lite WordPress eCommerce Theme

Kakileema Lite (Free) WordPress eCommerce Theme is the lite version
WordPress eCommerce theme from Tokokoo. Kakileema will perfectly suit
your clothes/fashion/apparel shop business because it is a special for
apparel themes. Kakileema Lite WordPress eCommerce Themes offers you to
display your apparel products in best way without spending any money
from your pocket. It has many great features including: Featured
Products, Products Search, product slideshow, WP e-commerce 3.8
integration, Widgetized sidebar and footer, Recent Product, Valid
CSS/XHTML, cross-browser compatible, SEO optimized. More features are
already served to help you and your site become a gorgeous one.

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Free Template #50

This free osCommerce template offers you wide variety of options for
selling your products. It allows browsing your products by categories
and brands. Also a customer can choose necessary color, size and
quantity of items. Product photos provide a customer with the basic look
of a product. Easy navigation makes the shopping process very simple and
pleasant. Without any doubt this is one of the best templates for online

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App Cloud Free

AppCloud is available to download.

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Polaroi A Free Magento Theme For Your E-Commerce Website

Polaroid Magento Theme, a professional design skin for the shops powered
by the popular open-source ecommerce web application Magento.

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Free WordPress e-Commerce Theme: Dangdoot

DangDoot WordPress e-commerce theme that it is suitable mostly for
major/indie music recording companies, bands, musicians, music products
affiliates, music event organizers or simply online music stores. It
comes with many features to simplify your life. Even if you have no
experience with WordPress, no problem. The custom theme panel is so easy
to use that you can even open your online store in few minutes after
downloading the theme.

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Diesel Clothing

Excellent for an ecommerce or blog to associate with online store,
showcase post’s with FEATURED posts and easy to use image upload,
featured categories. Fashion, Jeans or designer blog, header graphic can
easily be tweaked.

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Nice Clean WordPress E-Commerce Theme For Free – Crafty Cart

Crafty Cart is probably one of the nicest free e-commerce WordPress
theme we’ve seen so far. It has a simple and clean layout. If you are
thinking of using WordPress as a platform for your e-commerce site, this
theme could be what you are looking for.

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